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Lutera Birth Control Side Effects

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Lutera Birth Control Side Effects

When the birth control pill first came onto the scene in the 1960’s, it quickly became popular. There are many reasons that hormonal contraceptives are favored but perhaps the most obvious is that birth control pills are very effective in preventing pregnancy when they are taken as intended. Non-hormonal contraceptive methods like condoms for example can break or slip off rendering them useless. There are also pretty minimal side effects of birth control experienced by most women which has also led to its popularity. Lutera is one popular combination pill and with Lutera birth control side effects are generally mild and may even disappear altogether with time.


Birth Control Side Effects

When birth control pills were first offered, there were more unintended consequences than there are today. Birth control side effects have lessened as the medications have been modified over the years. When a couple wants to have a family, the woman can simply stop taking the birth control and they can begin trying to conceive. This is a contrast from what doctors once believed. It was said in the past that one of the side effects of birth control on pregnancy was miscarriage in those women who got pregnant right after discontinuing the pill. We now know that this is not the case.

Side Effects of Lutera Birth Control

Women who smoke are most likely to experience side effects of Lutera birth control. There is even more of a risk for women who are at least 35 years of age. As a smoker, you could experience fatal birth control side effects including a stroke or blood clots. For this reason, most women who smoke are advised to avoid taking birth control pills. Women for years have feared gaining weight from the pill which is one of the most commonly discussed side effects of birth control pills. This fear is not completely founded however as only a small amount of women actually do gain weight. If they do notice an increase, it is on average only 5 pounds. On the other hand, some women may actually lose weight on the pill. Side effects of birth control pills affect every woman differently since their bodies will react in different ways.

Side Effects of Birth Control Pills

 It can be a little confusing with so many brands of birth control pills available. Basically once you have decided on a combination pill, your doctor can recommend a necessary fit and go with his/her preferred brand. Lutera is one very popular brand of birth control pills often prescribed by physicians and OB/GYNs. be sure to get your Lutera birth control pills from a trusted source. Online birth control pills such as Lutera 28 can be ordered safely and securely at KwikMed!