Diabetes and Contact Lenses: A Technological Connection

contactFor millions of people all over the world, diabetes has become a way of life. Not only do diabetics have to monitor their blood sugars, they must be aware of any other health issues that come along with diabetes including heart, eyes and nervous system conditions like Neuropathy.  While many diabetics with type II are able to control diabetes with diet, exercise and pills, Type I diabetics often have to use insulin, have better monitor tools to track their levels at all times. No matter what stage your diabetes is, if you are a diabetic, the key to success is truly a defensive game, monitor where you sugars are at, and do what it takes to minimize the effects diabetics to your body.

Blood sugar monitors have been a huge help for diabetics for many years. Some diabetics have also seen help in pumps, that monitor levels, and can even shoot insulin into the body when needed. These devices can be bulky, troublesome and require lots of care at times, however diabetics are willing to deal with it until something better comes out.

There are some indications that something promising is rising. Google has announced that they are working on a new device that could monitor, and could even possibly help warn you of any issues through your mobile phone and other devices. the amazing part about it is, it is a contact lens.

The thought of the contact lens is that as it fits into the eye just like a regular contact lens, these lenses will have sensors attached to them that though look like glitter, are able to use the tears of the eye to read blood sugar levels. there will also be antennae’s attached that would be no bigger than a fine hair. Developers have also talked about ways to add led lights that would give indication of low or high blood sugar levels.

Though this technology and the Diabetic contact lenses are only in the development stage, it is quite amazing to think that this is something that could be in the near future. If this kind of technology can be a reality, this could possibly open up the door for more of these kinds of devices that could help with all sorts of diseases and disabilities.

Who knows, perhaps they will come up with a cool contact lens that helps us surf the web or watch TV from anywhere! That would be cooler than Google Glass!!

By Chris Haro