Diet Soda and Calories – Empty Calories and What You May Want to Consider

FoodIt is a Thursday afternoon and you have been working heavily on a project. Lunch is way past, and dinner is soooooooo far away! You are thinking about something to eat, however the bowl of candy and left over donuts in the conference room are not on your “healthy” eating plan. The only things that are on your plan are the splenda packets next to the coffee pot and a bottle of honey. Since you are not feeling the inner Winnie the Pooh, you look for something different. Ah, how about a diet soda! Calories are low, and it is not crammed with sugar. Well, before you grab for that Diet Coke and a smile, here are a few things that you might want to consider.

Choose Your Calories
In a recent study given by Johns Hopkins, overweight people who chose to drink diet soda rather than regular soda consumed the same amount of calories throughout the day. Yes, diet soda can have fewer calories than other foods, your body will still be hungry for nutrients rather than overall calories. For instance if a can of Diet Soda has roughly 100 calories, a piece of whole wheat toast with avocado, which also has roughly around 100 calories also has more nutrients, which is what your body is truly looking for. Soda truly is just empty calories, leaving your body hungry, jittery, and can have other negative side effects.

Make A Game Plan For Snacking
If you are on a plan to lose weight, or to just be healthier, just like everything else you do… make a game plan. Plan out your meals throughout the week. Not only does it help you feel more organized, it mentally puts you in a mode of success, rather than being scattered. You have a goal, a mission, and planning you way through it will help you towards success.

Also, make sure you are eating enough calories. Many dieters think that by skipping meals, or eating less than 1,000 calories a day is safe, and in fact it is not. It is important to eat a good amount of calories that works right for you. Be sure to check with your doctor before starting a new health plan.

Always remember, choose healthy snacks such as healthy nuts, fruits, or even a healthy shake! They may have a few more calories than the 100 calorie soda, will be much better calories, more nutrients and will leave you feeling better and more satisfied throughout the day.

So before you grab for you 12 oz can of bubbly empty calorie goodness… check to see if there is a better option first ;).

By Chris Haro