Getting debt help can lessen feelings of depression and anxiety

Guest Post by Monique Rowe

There are so many reasons to feel sad or depressed, but for some these feelings are far more serious.  Depression is a mood disorder that can be triggered by mishaps that happen in daily life or can simply be a predisposed genetic trait. A broken marriage, a pet dying or cumbersome debt can all lead to depression, which is fairly normal, but when these crippling feelings last for more than six months, a person may be suffering from clinical depression.

Most will agree that one of the largest stressors in life deals with finances and debt. Money is the number one reason couples argue and many adults suffer anxiety from debt. While it can take years to build debt, it may only take a minute to realize how deep in debt you really are.  It may seem that one day you are able to stay afloat and the next you cannot pay your bills and your savings is gone.  The frustration and fear of being in debt can cause you to give up hope, which can lead to depression.

Just as you may need to get help for your depression, there is also professional help for your debt. A debt reduction program can help to alleviate your debt. A professional company that offers debt reduction can help you solve your debt problems and get you back on your feet in a financial sense. With the help of professionals you can worry about what really matters, your health.

Being in debt is a scary thing that can leave you in a deep depression; however, you should keep in mind that every problem has a solution.  If you seek help for your debt you will be on the right track to a healthier you.  There are many Americans suffering from debt, you do not have to be alone in your struggle.  There are support groups and therapists out there willing to help you talk out your problems, which will make you feel better and get you back to being yourself.  Depression affects your life in so many ways, but you do not have to let it.  Take care of yourself, because your health should be your number one priority and there are options for debt reduction out there.


Monique Rowe is a guest writer who also writes for Franklin Debt Relief, a debt reduction program.