Government Shutdown = Healthcare Crisis? How the Shutdown is Already Hurting Families

white mother and infantThe biggest news these days is most definitely the government shutdown. It seems to be that the big focus seems to be who is to blame and who is going to get the federal government working again, however there are many stories that are unheard. Many programs that are set up to help low-income families for food, shelter and health care are either closing or are in danger of being closed with the recent government partial shut down.

Forbes Magazine recently shared that the WIC, the Special Supplemental Nutrition program for women, children and infants, has stopped getting funding from the government. Over 8.9 Million moms and kids under the age of five, who recently live under the poverty line, use the program to get vouchers for healthy food, formula and other items needed through the WIC nationwide.

At the current moment, the WIC is still operating, and helping their current active case load of 50,000 moms. Though they are OK for the moment, at the pace they are going, if they will be in dire need of support if the current government shutdown goes for the long haul.

Other departments are also starting to suffer. The national program, “Head Start” has said that any any chapter that has their fiscal year begin October 1st are in danger of closing, with some closing already. Head Start is an important program for children who live in low-income homes, and suffer with life threatening diseases. Head Start assists these children get the support and medication needed to fight and recover from diseases like cancer.

Many of these programs are listed as “Non-Essential” in the government and therefore are some of the first programs to find funding removed at hard times like these. So as the two sides of the government continue to battle it out, many Americans are looking to find a second game plan to deal with these very serious problems.  Many amazing people have stepped up to help assist, however with all the individuals and families who count on these programs, a need to end the Government shutdown and reformat the financial obligations is needed as soon as possible.


By Chris Haro