Monday is a Popular Day to Quit Smoking

Human fist breaking cigarettes - anti-smoking conceptBy Emily Murray

If you are a smoker, you have probably at least considered quitting at some point in your life. Actually, you may have even tried. In fact it takes most smokers several attempts to quit the habit for good. In addition to the chemical additives, people also are addicted to the physical act of smoking. It’s something that becomes habitual and is done without much thought after many daily activities such as after eating or with that morning cup of coffee. So what day of the week do you think more people are reaching out online to find  ways help to quit smoking?

If you guessed Monday, you are correct.

According to a new study more people Google search terms related to smoking cessation on Monday than any other day of the week. As you could probably guess, with each day growing closer to the weekend the searches are fewer. The research was analyzed not  only in the English language, but 5 other languages as well including French, Chinese, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

On Saturdays, the search for these terms is 145% lower than the searches conducted on Monday. This means that on average, Mondays see a 25% increase in smoking cessation search terms.

When you look at these statistics from a basic standpoint, it makes sense. Most of us start the new work week with a sense of motivation and perhaps that motivation dwindles as the weekend comes in to view. Now, organizations who aim to help people quit smoking for good can use this knowledge to create campaigns and literature to reach those who smoke when quitting is on their mind.