New Internal Device for Vital Sign Monitoring

Modern Electrocardiogram Monitor Device DisplayIf the idea of having a tiny robot in your body makes you a bit squeamish, this new device may not be for you!

While it sounds very science fiction, a new pill-sized device, which can measure vital signs from within the body, was just successfully tested in pigs. These animals have bodies that are closely related to ours and by that token, often success in pigs yields successful results in humans as well.

Inventor Albert Swiston sent his new digital information collectors on a journey to gather vital signs from within six Yorkshire pigs. While similar devices have been created, this one multitasks and contains a microphone, thermometer and battery that will last from ingestion to excretion.

On it’s journey through the digestive system, the device records the sounds of the heart and lungs from within. These sounds are transmitted to a device that records pulse and respiration rates.

For those with extreme trauma, this hands-off vital check option can be extremely beneficial. It’s also been said to be a great way to monitor athletes without requiring them to wear bulky devices.

The current cost to manufacture the device is about $70 and the device simply paces through the body like food naturally would.

This igestible, as they are called, could also be beneficial for monitoring members of the military as well. It seems there will be many more similar devices to choose from in the coming years.