Public Health Department Stepping into the Tech World with an App

iphone2By Emily Murray

The coined phrase, “there’s an app for that,” has proven to be true for nearly all aspects of life these days. While some mobile apps are lighthearted and fun, others serve a more in-depth purpose. Healthcare is one industry that has truly been revolutionized by the digital age and more specifically, through the widespread use of smart phones.

There are apps that are now being used to help detect skin cancer, find ingredients that may cause allergies and others for nutrition and fitness.

Now it appears that even public health departments are starting to jump on the technology bandwagon, but will people use them?

The Alabama Department of Public Health is willing to give it a shot.

The app is free and serves as a collective source for finding the latest health department news and events.

It stands to reason that from a consumer standpoint, those who are interested in staying up to date with the latest health news and innovations will gladly welcome this free app.

Perhaps the most booming area of healthcare both digitally and politically is the move to lower obesity rates. This is being done in part by pointing out the health and nutrition of food Americans ingest daily. By using apps like CalCutter and MyFitnessPal, the tracking process becomes much easier.

Whether or not the public health apps make a huge impression in the long run, it’s beginning to show certain that technology is seeking in to all aspects of the health care system and soon may make staying on top of our health that much easier.