Seasons Eatings – 5 Tips to Healthier Holidays

gingerbreadIf you are anything like me, you are probably looking at the holidays and thinking of one thing… I AM GOING TO GAIN SO MUCH WEIGHT! Ah yes, it is the most wonderful time of year, A time of joy, time of peace on earth, good will towards men and stuffing our faces! From Christmas cookies to family holiday traditions, we are going to be surrounded by a lot of of goodies until new years. The good news is that most people really don’t gain much weight during the holidays, with the national average at only 1 pound.

It is still really important to keep a healthy game plan set for the holidays so that you can keep your energy, and feel good all season long. Some of these tips might be quite obvious, however they are good reminders for all of us, since we tend to lose our minds once we see the eggnog and fruitcake… ok maybe not the fruitcake, however you get my point.

1. Get Plenty of Sleep
This is a hard one for many during the holidays. Late night parties or comfortable nights by the fire listening to holiday music are all part of the fun of the holidays, however not getting enough sleep will catch up on you. If you plan on heading out for holiday cheer, make sure that you set time before or after to get proper sleep, so your body is refreshed and can recover quicker. No one wants to see you Christmas morning looking like the Grinch!

2. Be Strategic With Your Socializing
If you are looking to continue to eat right, even at the holiday parties, keep mind of what you do at the parties. avoid socializing by the appetizer trays or buffet table so you don’t end up uncautiously nibble. If needed, take a small plate of food and fill with veggies, fresh fruits first, then go for a few treats. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, and to also keep you feeling satisfied.

3. Don’t Skip Meals
Many people will skip meals throughout the day so they can go crazy at dinner… um, DON’T. If you want to keep a healthy road during the season, make sure you are eating at a normal schedule. Make sure that you are filling up on your veggies, fruits and grains, especially on the days that you are planning on having a fun holiday meal, so that you are more satisfield, and don’t over indulge. Many experts say that by eating regularly throughout the day, you will tend to reach for the good stuff, and keep your metabolism steady.

4. Schedule Your Exercises
One of the best things you can do for yourself is to keep moving, and staying active during the holidays. It may be hard with all the extra activities, however by keeping active, you keep your mind focused and sharp and your body tuned and feeling good. It helps feeling sluggish and guilty as well. 🙂

5. Stay Hydrated
This tip is especially important for those who has a family member who likes to make the eggnog with their special ingredient, liquor. Staying hydrated will help you feeling more satisfied, and avoid getting sick quicker. Drink that water before you eat as well to help you get full quicker as well.

The holidays will be fun and exciting, and you can also do it staying healthy, active, and without guilt. So get out there and enjoy the holidays without fear!

By Chris Haro