Study Finds Correlation Between Sexual Activity and Salary

Beautiful young romantic couple in cafeBy Emily Murray

Not making the money you would like to? Well, the answer may be as simple as spicing up your sex life according to a newly released study.

While you are likely wondering how there could possibly be a correlation between the two factors, when looked at from a psychological standpoint, the connection seems plausible.

By nature, humans seek the need to belong and feel loved. When these needs aren’t being met, several undesirable characteristics may start to develop including loneliness, introversion and lack of energy. It stands to reason that these same attributes can also negatively impact your performance at work.

So how many times a week do the wealthy have sex? According to the study, 4 or more.

The study author, Nick Drydakis, collected data from 7,500 people ranging in age from 26 to 50 who lived in Greece. Participants were surveyed in 2008 about a variety of topics including their health, sexual activity and their salaries. Couples involved in the survey included both straight and gay relationships.

The results found that those who had sex 4 or more times a week made on average 5% more than those who did not. Additionally, the participants who reported having no sexual activity in their lives at all made on average 3.2% less than those who were having sex.

Simply put, when your needs are met and you feel happy, it generally trickles down in to other aspects of your life. When you feel loved (both physically and emotionally) you will generally have a more complete sense of self and will radiate those feelings of happiness and contentment into other areas of your life.

Another thought mentioned by the author is that perhaps those who do make higher wages are more likely to be able to date because of financial means. Dating can get expensive so those who are struggling to make ends meet will likely put it on the back burner which then of course could lead to less sexual activity in their lives.

He was also quick to point out that simply having more sex will not lead to a certain raise unfortunately. It does appear however that those who have a healthy sex life are happier in general.