The #1 Deadliest Type of Cancer

patient looking a lung radiographya lung radiographyWhen you ask someone what the deadliest type of cancer is, you will likely get many different answers. If it’s any other answer aside from lung, then you are incorrect.

While we most commonly hear about colon, breast and prostate, lung cancer still causes more death than any other type. Every year, 220,000 people are diagnosed with lung cancer according to the National Cancer Institute. It’s one type of cancer that is not only misunderstood but has also genetic changes that are associated with the diseases developments.

Most commonly people believe that only those who smoke are at risk of lung cancer but the fact is, anyone (smoker or not) may be impacted. In fact, genetics play a large role in lung cancer. There is also no main universal form of treatment for lung cancer since all types of lung cancer act differently for each person.