Women and Smoking – Smoking Risks Greater for Women

woman and smokingWhen it comes to equal opportunity for men and women, I am all for it, but apparently it is not so good in terms of smoking. Recent studies has shown how women and smoking post a great health risk than the men. Woman who become smokers have a highter risk of cancer than men. The biggest stat, shared by Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers & Prevention shares that while men have a 9% increased risk, women have a much larger rate of 19%.

In a study provided by the University of  Tromso in Norway, many of the findings showed that women, even those who smoked less than men, still had a greater risk for cancer and other related health problems. Though there were unable to factor in other risks such a alcohol and diet, they were able to show that out of 600,000 patients recorded, they discovered that the bowel cancer risk was linked to smoking twice as high for women then for men.

So with the new information, many researchers and doctors are asking and debating on whether women are biologically vulnerable to the toxicity effects of smoking tobacco. They are also unsure at this time as to why women who start smoking increase their risk of a heart attack more than men.

Though many studies are still continuing to discover new insights on the effects of smoking on men and women, these recent studies pave a great source of information for women to stop smoking, or to never start.  If you are a current smoker and looking for a way out of it, there are many ways to break the habit, effectively and safely. Many can cut it cold turkey, however there are many that need assistance. Patches, natural methods and also taking medications such as Chantix have been a great way to help people cut the habit and get back to a healthy lifestyle.

Smoking is not a path to a long and healthy life, and when it comes to women and smoking, it looks like there are more reasons for women to cut the habit!

By Chris Haro