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At-Home Healthcare of the Future is Happening Now

Imagine a common medical situation: An older patient, with chronic health issues, needs to be monitored by one or more medical devices regularly. Then a healthcare provider must review the data frequently to monitor the patient’s condition. In the past, this situation mandated that the patient be in a hospital setting, connected to bulky devices, with healthcare personnel nearby. This scenario is very expensive, and is stressful and depressing for the patient, which complicates their treatment and/or recovery.

Female Viagra Falls Flat? Imagine That!

By EmilyM So you can make a pretty pink pill that looks like Viagra…but can it really have that same “stimulating” effect? Seems hard (pun intended) when the anatomy of men and women are… well… different… you remember health class. Based on the amazing popularity of the little blue pill, it only makes sense that … Continue reading Female Viagra Falls Flat? Imagine That!

Utah Bill Creates Strict Regulations for Online Pharmacies

By EmilyM When I mention online pharmacies to anyone not directly involved in the industry, the response is always the same.  I get that raised-eyebrow-sort-of-look, the one that automatically assumes that all online healthcare sites are “rogue” pharmacies selling illegal counterfeit drugs with no prescription needed. And really, it’s hard to blame them since the … Continue reading Utah Bill Creates Strict Regulations for Online Pharmacies