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Viagra: The Next Generation?

There has generally been a strong correlation between erectile dysfunction and old age, yet new studies suggest that Viagra is far from an old man’s drug. Viagra, which has been on the market since 1998, has exclusively been thought of as a treatment for ED, usually for older men who are struggling with sexual performance. … Continue reading Viagra: The Next Generation?

Erectile Dysfunction Linked to the Health of Your Heart

By Rebecca Jones With the popularity today of medications like Viagra men are becoming much more comfortable talking about erectile dysfunction than ever before but one conversation they may not be having is how ED can be directly linked to heart problems.  ED has many causes both physical and emotional and as men age they become … Continue reading Erectile Dysfunction Linked to the Health of Your Heart

What’s So Bad About “Generic” Viagra?

By EmilyM Looks can be deceiving. If something looks like the real thing and sounds like the real thing, but is offered at a mere fraction of the normal cost…well if you aren’t initially suspicious, maybe it’s time to start asking yourself, “okay what’s the catch?” There is a time to be trusting but when … Continue reading What’s So Bad About “Generic” Viagra?

Men Who Use ED Drugs Have Higher Rate of STDs

By EmilyM This week, headlines like this one have been splattered across the health section of most news sites. My initial reaction: “Wait, what?” My follow up reaction: “Good grief…” Since the published study came out in the July 6 issue of the Annals of Internal Medicine, there has been a lot of chatter about … Continue reading Men Who Use ED Drugs Have Higher Rate of STDs

The Impact of Erectile Dysfunction on Marriage and Relationships

Sorry guys, I hate to be the bearer of bad news here but no matter how you look at it, erectile dysfunction doesn’t only affect you…but your partner too.

No matter if it begins in the early days of courtship or the golden years of marriage, impotence is that elephant in the room and well… certain men just act a bit crazy in response.